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"With our thoughts, We create the world."

Step by Step, Star by Star

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I am the soul
that wanders aimlessly
falling through time
with a pace that is becoming dangerously quick
I am the soul
with forgotten dreams
and paranoid memories
that cling to my feet
I am the soul
of pure logical strength
that can't be silenced
by these insignifigant words
I am the soul
with eyes
constructed from clouds
and whispers in the wind
left by dying dandelions
I am the soul
with forever
knocking on my door
(I am blessed to be a witness)
I am the defiant soul
with a hunger for something more
that hides somewhere inside my mind
I am the soul
that speaks with its ears
and has calloused hands
I am the soul
that has decided to stand
and move with a purpose
long forgotten
by its ageless eyes
I am the soul
that craves knowledge
of everything that exists
(I want to understand
what constitutes I)
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